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Comfy Leather Jacket for Kids


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wear. A parent will never be afraid of the harsh winter if the possibility of obtaining an attractive-cute appeal is also fulfilled by it. To that end, we present the Comfy Leather Jacket for Kids. The lovely outerwear for children is a jet black warm wear which is single handedly sufficient for an extreme cold.

The jacket is entirely made of genuine leather with a Nappa finish. The enchanting attire is drawn to the smooth and glossy black appearance. Aside from that, winter wear provides a comfortable and light feeling, which is essential for delicate wear. The little jacket has the best texture and is well suited with an easy get-up.

The winter coat is designed in a bomber style, with handcrafted woolen fabric cuffs and waist. The stretchable elastic fit fabric defines the wrist and waist, keeping the jacket in place regardless of the crazy fun time activity. In turn, the feature keeps the body warm while allowing for flexible movement.

Spacious pockets on both sides are designed to hold small valuables. Little palms can also be kept warm. Pocketed items are secured with zipper pockets. Metal zippers have a long lifespan. To add to the funky and delightful look, one of the sleeves has a zippered pocket on the arm level.

Small collars of woolen fabric are added to the outfit. The soft wool keeps the tender neck warm while also allowing for child-like fidgeting. On the front, an appealing style of button closure is tailored, making the endearing winter ensemble very easy and simple to wear by the little ones themselves.

Additional Seam stitches on vibrant parts of the stalwart jacket increase its durability. The little winter garment, being robust yet tender, meets the majority of essential criteria for children’s wear.

With its lovely, attractive, and adorable appeal, the Comfy Leather Jacket for Kids is one of the best suggestions for any kind of Children’s occasion. 

Physical Features:

  • Nappa-finished leather jacket
  • Bomber fit elastic style on cuffs and waist
  • Woolen collar
  • Metal Zippered pockets
  • Funky pocket on arm with metal zip closing
  • Elegant button closing the jacket front
  • Additional seam stitches to extend jacket durability
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