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Arctic Fox Stylish Furry Collar Scarf



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Grab a fresh look on a fresh day with Sheepskin Shearling’s Furry Collar Scarf. The most innovative advancement in modern fashion took a turn to highlight women’s fashion by introducing the most unique ‘little extra’. Collar scarves are an exceptional ready-to-wear suggestion that resembles a free-end scarf and shawl-down collar.

The furred accessory can be placed on overcoats and jackets to radiate a warm bright appearance. Simple winter outerwear can be made much warmer by adding a broad-style collar. Besides, an upgraded classic style is significant. Single-toned fuchsia shade beams out a regal majesty, a colossal beauty rare to be seen. And hence, the contrasting hue makes a great match irrespective of the host apparel’s shade and tone.

Colossal beauty touch is added by the gorgeous appeal of natural fox fur. Pure arctic fox fur casts the eminence of a dense fox. The voluminous accent is accentuated. Its lightweight rating and functionality contradict its enormous appearance. The genuineness exudes an intriguing fur pattern. Known for its immense warmth trap, the real fox’s superior quality is maintained.

The Stylish Broad Furry Collar Scarf is designed with utmost precision taking prime traits like style and comfort into account. An adequate comfort level is optimized and so does the high-end silky satin underpins the trait. And so, if not on jackets or coats, it can be well accessorized with dresses to cast a short boa-type appearance or peak out the collar style. Further, variance in neckwear design is also supported.

Elastic loops that can be tied to buttons on the garment provide the option for holding it upright. Its effectiveness is then experienced even better. Thus, easily put the grand finery to emanate a diversified appearance.

Consequently, have a unique take on the cutting-edge craze with an outstanding hue. Light pink is pretty alluring and highlights the entire beauty. Rest, added benefits eclipse its portability, ease of dressing, and extended lifetime.

The winter item adds a magnificent touch to the dazzle, making it an excellent choice for an unexpected party. Its versatility makes it a one-time asset; its sturdy tailoring and supreme quality add to its longevity. 

Physical Features:

  • Fluffy Collar 
  • Authentic Voluminous Fox Fur
  • Soft Satin Lining – slightly quilted in texture
  • Fuchsia Arctic fox
  • Elastic loops for tying to buttons on garment
  • Versatile and can be paired with trench coats, down jackets and waist length outer wears

Instructions for use:

  • Hair dryer – blow for acquiring the fluffy shape; on receipt of item
  • To be subtly hand washed to retain its original shape
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