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Womens Long Raccoon Coat


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This fashionable womens long raccoon coat can instantly glamorize the looks of any woman. Without a doubt, it looks ravishing in the playful combination of passionate wine and bold black shades. It has been handcrafted by gifted artisans using the finest quality raccoon fur. Without a doubt, the aesthetic appeal of this deluxe outfit results from the tiered arrangement of pelts all over the body.

Womens Long Coat of Raccoon Fur – Looks Graceful with Outstanding Features

This long sleeved outfit doesn’t just make a woman look glamorous. It also brings the warmth of raccoon fur. The combination of long guard-hair and thick undercoat certainly keeps one warm and comfortable in winter. To emphasize, the guard-hair prevents the ingress of cold air while the undercoat prevents the loss of body-heat. Thus, one receives two level of protection after wearing this coat.

The thick undercoat offers a cozy feel to the wearer and velvety texture of the satin lining further adds to this feeling. To keep the neck warm, this outfit is designed with a stylish collar of fur. It’s wide enough to cover the entire neck and keep it comfortably warm. The long sleeves are covered by the raccoon fur in tiered pattern. Undeniably, this trendsetting long coat offers all-round protection in winter.

This outfit is designed with one inside pocket along with two slit-style pockets on both sides. The side pockets are not only useful for carrying personal items. One may even use them to keep the palms warm if necessary. There’s no doubt that designers have maintained a perfect balance between the aesthetic and utilitarian features when handcrafting this elegant long coat for women.

Key Components

  • Posh winter-outfit of raccoon fur designed in paragraph pattern with finest quality pelts
  • Looks magnificent in aesthetic combination of wine and black shades
  • Designed with a stylish collar of fur as well as long sleeves for maximum protection in winter
  • Velvety texture of the satin lining always keeps one comfortable
  • Hook-and-eye fastener in the front to close up this outfit
  • Designed with an inside pocket along with two slit-style pockets on both sides


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