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Full Skin Fox Fur Collar and Sleeve in White



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Ever wished to feel and appear the warmest and brightest during a chilly winter? If so, seize the moment to highlight the fashion statement with luxury add-ons from Sheepskin Shearling. Presenting the chicest women’s Full Skin Fox Fur Collar and Sleeve in White – a highlight of fashion innovation and a primary pass around on existing trends. When paired with any kind of common attire, it exhibits its unrivaled attractiveness. The furred accessory makes a divine splendor when combined with any underlying dress.

The winter extra is made of real Arctic fox fur and excels at maintaining warmth and insulation. The inside satin lining’s velvety texture accounts for suitability to all skin types. Rest, opulence is at its peak. Furred winter wears and accessories do the work of an ideal weather shield as well as balance the style. Also, the best part is that being so effective at keeping the cold at bay, they still manage to weigh less. And hence, one can gain the utmost sumptuous experience while being donned in it. The neck warmer is tailored with concealed clip lock hooks on the front which serve as the front closure and shapes an extra snug collar. The detachable featured sleeves lend integrated styling options with a single collar, one set of sleeves, or a combination of the two. 

The regalia maintains its alluring appeal of pure white beauty. Coordination with other garments is flawless attributable to uniformity in the single-tone feature. It always appears stylish, regardless of the color scheme and underlying dress pattern. Their most distinguishing feature is how stylish they appear for festive occasions. In turn, the lovely item works double duty as a treasure for festive attire and a cozy casual on a chilly weekday.

The Full Skin Fox Fur Collar and Sleeve in White will therefore keep you warm while still appearing iconic. Genuine fur is soft and non-shedding. It is a good investment because of the sturdy workmanship and exceptional design that guarantee a long lifespan. It ensures its pristine elite and everlasting function.


Physical Features:

  • Authentic Arctic Fox Fur Sleeves and neck warmer
  • Smooth and silky satin internal lining
  • White shade
  • Detachable sleeves
  • Premium quality clip lock front closing hooks
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