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Womens Fox Fur Crop Top – A Cushy Trendsetter


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While choosing optimal attire for a joyous celebration during winter months a sublime coat or jacket is a perpetual favorite. Especially custom-made for stylish contemporary women this fox fur crop top is one of its kind. Sheepskin Shearling has marvelously designed this attire with competence and sophistication. High-quality fox fur has been efficaciously utilized in designing this winter wear. This puffer-style coat provides supreme thermal relief combined with a snug feeling to the wearer. It is not only a warm outerwear but is strikingly lightweight for all-day wear. The genuine quality of natural fur ensures absolute breathability to the skin.

The original pelts of blue fox fur make it a warm luxuriant wear for day trips as well as for evening fests. It has been dyed into a lovely yellow color making it a resplendent outfit for women. It has a stylish wasp-waist size and long baggy sleeves protruding from the palm area. It has a fluffy wavy texture with a smooth finish that creates a majestic look. This coat has a durable character requiring minimal future maintenance due to the premium quality of fox fur.

This crop top of fox fur has an amazing combination of thick guard hair and pure satin lining composing the innermost areas. Thus the wearer gets ample insulation and a soothing feel to the skin. There is a broad furry turned-down collar that naturally shields the neck and the shoulders from extreme cold weather. There is a massive shaggy hood that adeptly protects the head against the severity of wintertime. There is a front zipper providing a complete closure. Women can pair this cropped coat with any form of trousers and even dresses or skirts. It has been efficiently designed to comfortably suit all body proportions with style.

Prominent Feature:

  • Gorgeous crop top style fox fur coat for contemporary women.
  • Handcrafted from original blue fox fur.
  • Warm outerwear with lightweight character for all-day wear.
  • Stylish wasp-waist size with long baggy sleeves covering the palms.
  • Fox fur dyed into a resplendent yellow color outfit.
  • Fluffy wavy texture with a smooth finish.
  • Durable coat requiring minimal care and maintenance.
  • Thick guard hair and pure inner satin lining ensure thermal relief and comfort.
  • Broad furry turned-down collar shields the neck and the shoulders from cold weather.
  • Massive size shaggy hood protects the head and neck from the severity of winter months.
  • The front zipper provides an ideal fit to the entire coat with a warm closure.
  • Skillfully designed to comfortably suit all body proportions.
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