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Belted Merino Shearling Bomber Jacket with Contrast Belts


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Merino shearlings have long been regarded as the industry standard in the shearling trade.  Their uniqueness stems from their dense fuzzy body. They are widely acknowledged for providing considerable warmth and so are widely used in winter outerwear. However, with the evolving trend, aside from proofing functionality, a re-styled sense of elegance is being brought into the reflection.  Being in the notch with it, Sheepskin Shearling presents the Belted Merino Shearling Bomber Jacket – a sub-family fashion that is specifically meant to keep the cold at bay while preserving immense regality. 

The waist-length coat-style bomber reflects the best voguish sense ever for men. With just a single outfit, one can enjoy all possible kinds of winter festivities. Equally, dress codes like semi-formal, casual, or even formal are certainly accomplished. Its detachable features highly offer variations in vivid appearances. 

Briefing the details, the coat is crafted of authentic shearling merino wool and so it thrives the icy surrounding. Suede-finished lamb hide is a real gem to a sophisticated image. The entire jacket is so precisely patterned that even flawless perfection falls short. In line with this, bringing forth the long sleeves which carry an innovative wool trim tribal design along the arms. Merino wool accentuates the wrist border. And more to that, the frontline and hemline mark an amplifying accent of the contrasting dense wool. Front zip-up closure and zippered slit pockets along the sides give a basic touch to the high-end wear. The supplemental waist belt and separate twin-style cuff belts are an extra layer to the charm. However, they are a removable trait.

The collar is tailored in double style with a primarily fixed collar and a detachable add-on. A belted feature in dual style straps with buckle ends embraces the collar. Overall, the jacket exudes delight owing to its contrasting shades.  The jacket is black while making the wool flourish in yellow and the straps parallelly pinnacle the appeal with its brown shade.   

The Belted Merino Shearling Bomber Jacket is a premium outerwear for men enhanced with a structural fit. Its authenticity yields a long lifespan making it a worthwhile investment.

Physical Features: 

  • Waist-length shearling bomber for men
  • Tanned hide with wool on one side and suede-finished leather on the other side 
  • Anti-shedding original sheepskin wool
  • Wool trim ornated sleeves along the arms and wrist border
  • Zip-up front closure
  • Zippered slit pockets on the sides
  • Wool trim bordered frontline and hemline
  • Waist belt with a buckle end
  • Cuff adjustment with dual straps
  • Twin collar with one with a zip-out trait
  • Collar fit adjusted with dual straps 
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